Unusual things are good for your sex life

You might be thinking that being nice to each other and flirting is the best way toward happy marriage and satisfying sex life. It’s BS.

In fact, our brains like something new – adventures, fucking outside, etc. And whenever we feel in danger, our brains produce lots of adrenaline, which gives a strong lust drive.

What to do?

First, get the hell out of your bedroom. Fuck your girl right in her clothes, in the middle of the forest. This is so dangerous and so enticing.

Second, watch some weird movies with sex scenes. These can be about BDSM, animal-styled fucking, threesomes, gangbangs and interracial sex. Aliens, for God’s sake! The weirder, the better.

Third, role-play. Whenever you see something that scares you in those weird AF movies, don’t just fap along with them. Take your girl’s butt and actually recreate the actions IRL.

This is how you reinvigorate the chemical inside your brain, and this is how you actually get happier. And not just flirting your girl till death by boredom. The weirder you sex life, them more dopamine you’ll have in your blood, and the longer you both will live!