Couples Costume Ideas

A lot of couples love to be match in all things, be it in the like for food or shoes, but mostly match in shirts and outfits. Since the Halloween is fast approaching, we have come up with some couples costume ideas. Be it just for fun or you plan to attend to a costume party. Firstly, select the theme you both like; it can be funny, scary, or sexy. There are lots of costumes you can choose from, all in these categories.

Scary Costumes

When it comes to spooky costumes, Gothic Theme is number one in line, a classic one. Coming to a party wearing Goth Vampires is really cool; especially when both make-ups and accessories are believably true. Men’s costume can be composed of a cape, a black hair with dreadlocks, and complete it with a blood coming out of the mouth with those fake fang dentures. Women can be very sexy with a gothic princess type costume. Look dazzling with a wig, a waist and bust tight fit strange period costumes. Added jewelries can be a match too. A wig may add to the appearance, and always remember to look pale and brooding, so wear a lot of make-up for this theme.With the Goth theme costumes, you can be sexy, scary, elegant, alluring and for some beautiful.

If you want to be really scary, wear a lot of dark make-ups, be extra creepy with those black tops and dresses. When thinking about gothic theme, think about sex appeal, fear, blood, darkness and everything in between that is eerie.

If you don’t like the idea of darkness and blood sucking couples, you may want to try the Adams Family Costume. Women play as Morticia wearing a skin-tight black long dress, and with long hair. Men play as Gomez, her adored husband wearing a coat with tie. You may also try Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride theme, wherein couples wear a wedding gown and coat, the usual wedding costume with a spooky look.

Foxy and Sensual Couples Costumes

For some ideas on this type of costumes for couples, there are numerous to think of. Here are some examples:

1. Sexy Devils Theme Couples wear devil-like costumes. Men could wear red briefs with cape and his devil wand. Of course don’t forget the horns and the make-up. You can paint your body red too for added sexiness. They can also try the tight fitting black trench coat with high collar cap and with matching body hugging shirt and pants. Accessories could be an attached devil tail and a horn, and pentagram necklace perhaps.

Women have different varieties to choose from in this theme, they can also bring a small devil wand, and wear something from red tone 2-piece suits to very alluring and sexy lingerie. Combination of red and black colors is recommended. Very important is the red lipstick and the seductive eyes effect of real sexy devilish lady in you.

2. Military Costumes Theme Armed Forces or Martial? Men can play as a Military Captain, and can wear tight fitting camouflage jumpsuits with complete accessories of hat and dog tag necklace. Another suggestion could be playing as a Military Sergeant, wearing a sexy green camouflage pants and a sleeveless matching vest, including the hat too. Women can play as a combat girl wearing a combat camouflage dress-skirt mini with matching hat and combat pointed shoes with heels. Dress can be zippered front for added sexiness. She can also wear like a G.I. Joe Babe in super mini camouflage jumpsuits. Open front revealing her cleavage, a deluxe costume with matching choker and hat as accessories.

3. Boxing Arena Theme both husband and wife can wear like a referee only sexier. For the wife it could be a zipper front romper with belt and thigh high. She also acts as a Round Girl, wearing mini balloon skirt and sexy midriff top shirt, a flash card as accessories. The husband could wear a typical referee outfit, with a suspender for added sexiness, tight fitting jeans, and accessories included is of course the whistle.

Boxing arena theme costume for couples

4. Robin Hood ThemeĀ  wherein the husband acts as Robin and the wife as Maid Marian. Suggestions for the outfits could be mini balloon skirt with tight tops and revealing cleavage for women, accessories could be brown leather high boots and a hat. For husband could be a macho-looking usual Robin Hood costume. A green tunic top, a pair of hat with red feathers and a cover boots is perfect.
robin hood theme costume for couples

Funny Costumes (For Conservative Couples)

There lots of humorous couples costumes to think of. Famous of them is the Nut and Bolt costume, wherein the wife has the belt like a big metal nut and the husband wears an improvised brief like a bolt. The likes of this type are Plug and Socket Costume, Key and Keyhole, Hand cuffs, and Ball and Chains.
key and keyhole costume for couplesnut and bolt costume for couplesball and chains costume for couplesplug and socket costume for couples

To much more funnier and conservative couples, they can also try kids stuff themes like: Bananas in Pajamas, M&M’s, Salt and Pepper, Mustard and Ketchup, Bacon and Egg, Baby costumes, or Nun and Priest costume (V-Uped Priest and pregnant Nun for a funnier one).